THINK THE OPPOSITE is a dynamic and progressive global conglomerate with diversified business interests. We design, develop and run our very own businesses and at the same time work with clients who require our thinking, investment, re-engineering, partnering or starting-up in businesses of their own.

Not to be wrong

What we do best is HOW WE THINK – the art of making intelligent decisions, the art of how not to be wrong. We believe this act of thinking itself is more important than what is being thought about. One thought gives way to the next. Our thought-through decisions have defined and shaped community and stakeholder success.

South East Asia

Today our interest is in SOUTH EAST ASIA - the new soaring and mega emerging marketplace. Here we are staging a number of large scale and medium sized projects planned for the next 5 years. We are looking to putting together teams of talented and thinking individuals to join us in developing and running our ventures.


We are INVITING YOU! We are thinking of full timers, part timers, on contract basis, free lancers and second job seekers??? You???. With a caveat, be fresh in your thinking, think in possibilities, think in action, acutely versed with what you do and be willing to invest in your talent. Come be with us.

Though we welcome anyone from anywhere to be with us, AT THIS TIME we are inviting those in the areas of

  • Cartoonists / Illustrators
  • Consumerism
  • Course Developers
  • Everything Internet
  • Fashion
  • Graphics
  • Human Resource
  • Marketing
  • Multimedia / animation / rendering
  • Public Relations
  • Re-generative Marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Service Design Thinking
  • Software Coding


If you will like to be on our bandwagon, hop in your details, see below and prompt us to get in touch with you.

We are a growing organization and will always require talent no doubt, but at this time we will only be working with a short list.

For any reason if you don’t hear from us, then you may be up for our next selection. Thinking crossed!